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MACESA was founded in 1970 by some of Malaga’s most prestigious property developers. When the company was first set up, MACESA was dedicated to the development of car parks in Malaga city centre.

Later, Malaga-born architect Eduardo Ramos Guerbós and his family took over the company and started developing houses. Since then, MACESA has completed a number of projects both in Malaga city centre and along the coast.

MACESA owns 33% of the property development company BRASER, S.L. Over the last few years, MACESA has invested in three other companies working in the industrial sector: Pamasa (Malaga), Cementos Antequera (Bobadilla) and Antrasa (Espeluy/Jaen).

The company is currently working on a number of property development projects along the coast between Torremolinos and Malaga, and is planning to move into the renewable energies sector in the future.

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